Section 3 - name of where treatment is available not mentioned on the A8 form

Regarding section 3 papers, when one medical recommendation did not mention the name of the hospital where the patient was admitted, can the papers be accepted and another medical recommendation requested?
Or this can be rectified and Dr add hospital name on the form? Thank you

I wouldn’t allow for rectification of this form as (Section 15) .
You have 14 days for another recommendation if they are single ones.
The same Dr can do a further medical recommendation.

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Doctor can add the name of the hospital.

Thank you Haley. I wasn’t sure about requesting another recommendation dated after the application was made, good to know it can be done within 14 days.

Unless the doctor took the view that appropriate treatment was not available anywhere, it will have been a ‘slip of the pen’ and the name of the hospital or a file note from the doctor can be added.