As long as you know how to use the “:fas_reply: Reply” and “:fas_plus: New Topic” buttons you know enough to use the forum! :slight_smile:

You need to sign up to get the most out of the form (even if only reading).

If you want to know more then read on…

How do I sign up?

  • After using the Create New Account form you will be emailed a link to validate your email address.

  • The username and (if you use one) password for the forum are separate from any other aspect of Mental Health Law Online.

How do I log in?

  • Use your username and password; or

  • Click “with email” to receive a login link (no need for password).

What is the forum structure?

How do I reply to a topic?

  • When you are reading a topic, either:

    • Just click “:fas_reply: Reply”; or
    • To quote someone, select the relevant text and select the “:fas_quote_left: Quote” button that pops up.
  • You can use the :thumbsup: button if you like a post, as an alternative to replying.

  • Consider starting a new topic (instead of replying) if your point is not directly relevant.

  • See also “Can I reply to a topic by email?” below.

How do I start a new topic?

  • Click “:fas_plus: New Topic”.

  • Choose a relevant category.

  • You can add tags (e.g. “mha” or “mca”) in the “Law and practice” category.

What are the numbers beside topic names

  • A number in a blue circle represents new posts (since you last visited the topic).

  • A number in a grey circle represents unread posts (which were there when you last visited).

  • Otherwise, the number just means the total number of posts in the topic.

What forum notifications will I receive?

  • You don’t need to understand this part… it works very intuitively in practice, and I only realised how complicated it is when writing this :slight_smile:

  • The notification levels affect various things, including:

    • Notification: What is added to your “Notification” page (click on the number beside your initial/avatar on the top right to see new ones)
    • Count: Which topics have a count of “new” messages beside them in a blue circle.
  • You can apply the following levels to categories, tags or topics:

    • :fasbellexclamation: Watching — Notified: new topics and replies. Counted: new topics and replies.
    • :fasbell: Tracking — Notified: only if someone replies to you. Counted: new topics and replies.
    • :fasbellone: Watching first post (category only) — Notified: new topics in category, but not replies. Counted: new topics.
    • :farbell: Normal — Notified: only if someone replies to you. Counted: nothing.
    • :farbellslash: Muted — Notified: nothing. Counted: nothing.
  • By default, you will be:

    • :fasbellexclamation: Watching a topic when you have added a reply to it.
    • :fasbell: Tracking any topic after you’ve read it for 4 minutes.
    • :fasbellone: Watching first post in the “Law and practice” category.
    • :farbell: Normal for everything else.
  • You can change your notification preferences, and in particular your category notification preferences.

What emails will I receive?

  • By default, if you are away from the forum, you will be sent an email for anything you are :fasbellexclamation: Watching or :fasbellone: Watching first post.

  • You can change your email preferences to receive more or fewer emails.

Can I reply to a topic by email?

  • When you receive an email notification, you can reply by visiting the forum or alternatively by replying to the email.

How can I change other preferences?

What are these badges?

  • The badges come as part of the forum software, e.g. you will get a “Read guidelines” badge for reading this page.

  • It’s a bit of fun and you can just ignore it.

Any other questions?

  • This page is a work in progress. It will be added to as time goes on, and based on any points raised in the Feedback category.