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  • The main buttons are: :fas_reply: Reply, :fas_plus: Create new topic, and :thumbsup: Like

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  • Click :thumbsup: to show appreciation for what someone has written!


  • When you are reading a topic, either:

    • Just click “:fas_reply: Reply”; or
    • To quote someone, select the relevant text and select the “:fas_quote_left: Quote” button that pops up.
  • When you receive an email notification, you can reply to the forum by replying to the email.

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  • Click “:fas_plus: New Topic”.

  • Choose a relevant category.

  • You can add tags (e.g. “cto” or “dols”).

Anonymous posting

  • Just log in, click on your profile circle (top right), then , then “‌ Enter Anonymous Mode”. Afterwards, click “‌ Exit Anonymous Mode”.


  • Notifications appear at the top right of the screen alongside a number, and sometimes are sent by email.

  • You can apply the following levels to categories, tags or topics: :fasbellexclamation: Watching, :fasbell: Tracking, :fasbellone: Watching first post, :farbell: Normal, or :farbellslash: Muted.

  • The default is :fasbellone: Watching first post for the “Law and practice” subcategories and the “Site feedback” category, and :fasbellexclamation: Watching for any topic to which you add a reply.



  • The badges come as part of the forum software, e.g. you will get a “Read guidelines” badge for reading this page. It’s a bit of fun and you can just ignore it.