Wrong surname of NR on Section papers

Hi, after reviewing section papers we have noticed that the nearest relatives surname included on the application is wrong. The husband and the patient in this case had different surnames and the AMHP has put the nearest relative’s surname down on the form as the same surname of the patient. Would this affect the section? The patient has been detained since 2019. Thanks.

No, it’s a minor slip of the pen.


Thank you Guy. I thought that but wanted some reassurance. Thanks!

As this legal paer work,it has to be correct 100%.

The paer work does not have to be 100% correct!

I think that so long as the AMHP actually consulted with the right person the fact they got the name wrong can be corrected. If the AMHP had consulted with the wrong person, that’s a bit different!

The MHAA should ask the AMHP to come and alter the papers within 14 Days

This is to do with s.15 of the MHA (1983) under the de minimis principle. A minor error does not invalidate the application.