What would MHA 1983 look like if amended by draft Mental Health Bill 2022

The draft Mental Health Bill published on 27 June 2022 is accompanied by helpful explanatory notes, but as it is amending legislation, it is not altogether easy to read it across to the Mental Health Act 1983 as it currently stands to show the changes. I have, therefore, created an entirely unofficial version of the MHA 1983 as if it were amended by the draft Mental Health Bill, available here.


You’re a star, Alex! The draft Bill is such a pain as it just sets out the changes and it’s so difficult to get a picture of what the new legislation would look like if enacted as is.

No problem - amending legislation can be so impenetrable, so hopefully this helps seeing what’s being proposed. If anyone does spot anything I got wrong, do please let me know!


This is great – thanks.

I’ve taken the liberty of adding it to MHLO: Alex Ruck Keene, ‘Mental Health Act 1983 as if amended by the draft Mental Health Bill’ (30/6/22). There’s a link to it from the main Mental Health Bill 2022 page.