What do you think of the logo?

What do you think about the logo on the forum?

The forum software requires it to be a square.

Is having “MH LAW ONLINE” too much for the small space?

Any other ideas?


What do you think of these?

(1) Apparently this one wasn’t easy enough to read:

MH Law Online 120 white on black

(2) No border so the writing can be a bit bigger (not much):

MH LAW ONLINE no border

(3) Without “online”:

120x120 black with white border mh law

(4) As above but no border so bigger writing:

MH LAW no border

(5) Another possibility:

120x120 MHLO black

I like the simplist one so the bottom one or the one you’re using, with or without the border. It reminds me of another logo I have seen recently but can’t quite place.

Thanks. I wonder what it is. My first attempt was an M in a circle, until I realised I had re-created the Morrisons logo.

Great site Jonathan! Every logo looks somewhat like some other logo, but to my eye the last is definitely the clearest…

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No. 5 Looks good to met

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I like to MHLO one - simple and classy!

I forgot to reply to say thank you for your thoughts - thank you! I went for number 5 in the end.