Welsh Tribunal - medical records and content of reports

Can anyone tell me whether there is any practice direction in the Welsh Tribunal concerning the production of medical records? If not, how can these be accessed remotely?
Also, is there any rule concerning the content of reports-in particular in respect of the attitude of the nearest relative to detention?


The link above is to the relevant practice direction for reports to the MHRT- I hope that is helpful for your second question. Views of the NR are expected in all social circumstances reports.

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There is no Welsh equivalent of the direction for disclosure of medical records to legal representatives. I find in North Wales the majority of hospitals still use handwritten notes so it is difficult to access these without attending the ward to view them.
There is a practice direction on the Welsh MHRT website dealing with the Rule 15 requirements and the N/R views should be contained in the SC report.

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Thank you both -that’s very helpful.