Understanding abuse of/by LPAs/Powers of Attorney

I am an applied health researcher trying to understand the nature and scale of abuse by LPAs/attorneys. I would like to study and synthesise evidence from the cases where the Public Guardian OPG has sought to revoke LPAs following investigations of abuse (usually financial abuse).
Does anyone know why so few Court of Protection judgments about revocation of LPA can be found on either BAILII or on MHLO case databases? When I search these I can only find cases/judgments from 2014 and 2015. Why are records of cases from 2016 onwards apparently missing - given OPG data on cases investigated there should be hundreds of them. Any suggesions most welcome. Thanks

Hello Rob,
Have you considered researching abuse by SW/officials within the system? This may not show up in the court cases but it might be useful to show both sides of the situation, to present a balanced study in your research.

Hi Rob,

39 Essex Street have commented on a number of judgments relating to revocation of LPA. The link is below (covers 2010 to 2020).