Two family members on same Associate Hospital Managers Panel


a query on whether or not members of the same family are allowed to sit on the same panel when reviewing the renewal of a patient, or is that a conflict of interest?

I would say absolutely not as it would open up the temptation to discuss the case when in a family setting. From my experience magistrate family members would never sit in the same court.

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In terms of the decision making , if two out of the three Panel Members are close family members there is the perception of bias .

The potential to discuss the case in a family setting has in my view increased with TEAMS and the provision of reports electronically in advance , and possibly to a shared computer

I agree Mary. With the use of Teams for hearings I have to lock myself away in the office so that there is no possibility of anyone in the household either viewing or hearing the proceedings.

I agree wholeheartedly with Sam. The potential conflict is overwhelming

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Although family members may argue they are professional enough to have their own views which are independent of each other when sitting on the same Panel , I am particularly concerned about perception.

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