Tribunal Member - Complaints

Does anyone have any recent experience of complaining about Tribunal members? I have come across the same Judge two weeks on the run who is not only thoroughly incompetent but also downright unpleasant.

The Tribunal website directs you to the JCIO to complain about members but the JCIO says it doesnt deal with complaints re Tribunal members.

I dont want to just send it to a generic email address given its a sensitive matter.

Any direction appreciated.

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Hi Rob,

You might have some luck if you write to - that’s the email address listed for complaints, but it is of course generic.

I always find Philip Westcott really helpful and approachable. You could try emailing him and see what he recommends.

Good luck!


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Thanks Adam, you dont by any chance have his email address do you? I’ve tried STJ Birrell who would be my usual go to but all emails are bouncing back from the address I have for him.

If you dont want to post it here for obvious reasons then feel free to email me

Thanks a lot

Last time I complained I was directed to Judge Williams -the chamber president-and it really did not go well. He completely dismissed what I felt to be a serious complaint about a Judge’s conduct and I was left wishing that I had not complained at all. I have previously had a much better experience but that was a more concrete complaint-about a Judge letting an observer into the tribunal’s pre-hearing deliberations without seeking consent.
I think that if there is a clear breach of protocol it is worth complaining but complaints about general attitude and incompetence are difficult to pursue.

This is exactly how I feel Karen, I dont want to waste the time, effort and likely difficulties when I have this Judge again if the matter wont be taken seriously.

This particular Judge is rude to witnesses, rude to representatives and frankly seems to think he/she is still sitting in the Crown Court.

Absolute Discharge Tribunal - started shouting at the RC about how it’s for the patient to make the case and not for her to make the case for discharge (bizarre)

Same case - asked what happened at the discharging Tribunal about 10 years ago, only person present was me and then started ranting about not being able to give evidence even though it was a mere clarification

Started lecturing me last week about me not being able to form a view on my client’s capacity to give instructions because I’m not a doctor and then made some bizarre remark about ‘swearing in and cross examining me’

Finally, client refused to move from one room to another to attend his Tribunal, I spoke to client by phone and when explaining his concern to the Tribunal got another lecture about not sharing my client’s instructions when it was clearly necessary to do so in order to try and get an adjournment

I feel your pain Rob-there are some strange Judges out there and I wonder how much other panel members complain about unacceptable stuff. A while ago one Judge got up and wandered off mid-hearing with no explanation and nobody said a word. Because of my recent experience I didn’t complain but I hoped somebody would!

I’ve no idea how you go about it Rob, but I just wanted to encourage you to see your complaint through. Even if you think the process will be a white wash. If you feel this way, then you can bet most people who have sat in front of him or her have as well, and just because he’s " a judge" doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be held accountable. Good luck. Kr Jim