Travel from Alternative Arrangements under the new contract

I am interested in peoples views about the change in the new contract, which means if you have a procurement area, with an “alternative arrangement”, all travel to the hospital, must be charged from that alternative arrangement, as opposed to from your permanent presence as previously allowed.

Interesting point - do you read this as an ‘alternative arrangement’ being from the individual fee earners house as opposed to from where the office is located?

I read it as all travel must be from the alternative arrangement, unless the fee earners home is closer. Previously you would travel from your permeant presence, which is where your fee earners are actually based.

This has stopped us from bidding for an alternative arrangement. On the plus side there is an increase in the matter starts we can bid for so we will just use 30% in the area where we previously had an alternative arrangement. Also on the plus side we then don’t have to worry about the ridiculous alternative arrangement rules.