Three month rule and T2

When a T2 has been completed within the three month rule period. Does the 3 month rule end? or can three month rule still be used if capacity changes again?

Once a patient on a qualifying section has been treated with medication for their mental disorder for 3 months they must then always have a certificate in place to authorise any medication given for the duration of that detention. If they have capacity and consent it’s a T2. If they can’t or don’t consent then a SOAD should be requested who, if they agree will do a T3.

The patients consent status, ability to consent and the type of medication being given must all be kept under review all the time after the 3 month date has passed because they can all change throughout a detention. If there are any changes to any of those, or a change of RC for T2’s, then the patient should be reviewed again and a decision made as to which certificate they need. It’s not a one off assessment, it’s a continuous process.

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