T113 (CMR1). Form T113: Case management request (November 2022)

— Use for interlocutory matters: (1) Postponements/date brought forward/time change; (2) HQ1 extension; (3) Listing window extension; (4) Prohibition of Disclosure of information: (5) Pre-hearing examination; (6) Permission to withdraw an application; (7) Reinstatement of application; (8) Extension of reports submission/reports directions; (9) Rule 11 request; (10) Telephone conference request; (11) Observer request; (12) Other. This is a simplified form, compared with the September 2020 version, with more tick boxes but only one other box which is for providing reasons.
Full details available at: https://www.mentalhealthlaw.co.uk/Form_T113:_Case_management_request_(November_2022)?id=130223-2331