Statutory information to patients

As Nearest Relative of an non-restricted male patient detained in a private forensic hospital for elderly me, I am aware of the statutory information authorities are required to give to patients and their NR’s. I do not have any experience of a patient detained under a CTO.

I would like to know what others in this forum think about the accuracy and usefulness of statutory information and the way it is given to patients:
particularly the standard Patient Information sheets on S3 and Nearest Relative.**

Are the leaflets listed on Mental Health Law Online (on the Mental Health Act 1983 information leaflets page) still the ones being used? Thanks.

The Mental Health Onine links into the Govenment site and the leaflets can be found here
Electronic forms for use under the Mental Health Act - GOV.UK (


Those are the electronic forms rather than information leaflets (other versions of the forms are on the MHLO statutory forms page). Were you originally asking about the information leaflets?