Status of MHA patient information leaflets

Does anybody know the current situation with the MHA patient information leaflets?

The only two I can find now on are the s135 and s136 leaflets from 2018. The others have been archived for ages – but someone pointed out to me recently that the archive of the web page has moved and the leaflets themselves have disappeared.

Could anyone send me copies of them?

The following is an extract from MHLO’s Mental Health Act 1983 information leaflets page, but it will have to be updated:

On 15/10/08 the Department of Health published updated information leaflets, to be used from 3/11/08. They were then amended to reflect changes made on 1/4/09, namely the introduction of IMHAs and the replacement of the MHAC with the CQC. The leaflet “Your right to complain to the CQC” was revised on 19/10/09. The following leaflets have been archived, so their current status is unknown, and are available here: Mental Health Act 1983 information leaflets on Department of Health website

Thank you.

Thanks to Sandie Rogers of Cygnet Health Care for kindly sending me PDF and RTF versions of these leaflets.

I’ll get them back online this week :+1:


The leaflets have magically reappeared on the National Archives web page!

I don’t know whether it was because of this forum topic and/or my email about it to Matthew Lees at the DHSC, but all’s well that ends well.

I still plan to upload the leaflets to MHLO’s Mental Health Act 1983 information leaflets page, to make them easier to find and download.