Section 37/41 data specifically regarding tribunal outcomes

Firstly apologies if this isn’t an apt forum to ask something like this.

I’m looking for data regarding the outcomes of Mental Health Tribunals relating to s37/41 orders.

  1. Number of people held under the section (either EW, nationally or by region)
  2. Number of Mental Health Tribunals relating to above.
  3. Stats on the timings in relation to the order being made and the tribunals taking place.
  4. Outcomes of the tribunals and their relationship to time since the order.

I’m probably phrasing this quite poorly. I would like to be able get a grasp of how long the detention tends to be and how the results of tribunals relate to time spent detained.

My original idea was to simply submit an FOI request to MoJ but thought I’d post here in case anyone knows of any research or existing datasets.

If not I’m more than happy to hear any suggestions as to where to submit the FOI request or how to phrase/approach the request.

Many thanks.


This doc has information about number of patients held under the section and some stats about how many were discharged by tribunal. Nothing about the actual numbers of tribunals held and the timings though. Restricted_Patients_Statistical_Bulletin_2022.pdf (

I too would be interested to know whether there is data somewhere about regional numbers of such patients.

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Thank you so much for this! A great starting point for what I’m after.

CQC, ‘Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2021/22’ (1/12/22)

This might help you to some degree as the statistics are reported to the CQC from the MHT each year so that CQCs can compile the annual report on the monitoring of the MHA.

You need to skip to appendix A for the statistics.

You also need to know that there is a time lag in the statistics as the CQC report on the previous year and this annual report only covers up until 2022.


Thank you both this is great. Have a great week.