Section 3 expiry date

Hi, so section 3 started on 31st October and expiry date calculated as 30/04 as this six months back one day. Query over expiry date being 29/04 instead as this is one day back from end of the month ? What is the consensus please?

The first period lasts six months including the first day (s20(1)). The MHA Manual mentions that month means calendar month (25th edition, 1-344, p188). I think the first period would be 31/10/21 to 30/4/22 inclusive, the second period 1/5/22 to 30/10/22, and the third 31/10/22 to 30/10/23 inclusive.

A trickier question would involve a section starting on 1/11/21. I think the first period would end at the same time as the one which began on 31/10/21.

First period Second period Third period
30/10/21–29/4/22 30/4/22–29/10/22 30/10/22–29/10/23
31/10/21–30/4/22 1/5/22†–30/10/22 31/10/22–30/10/23
1/11/21–30/4/22† 1/5/22–31/10/22 1/11/22–31/10/23
2/11/21–1/5/22 2/5/22–1/11/22 2/11/22–1/11/23

† These dates would both be 31/4/22 if that day existed.