S136 and prior use of pepper (PAVA) spray

I’m formally someone that spent a lot of time under s.136 and just trying to get some changes made (I know I’m aiming high).

Anyway I wonder if any of you are anywhere near a s.136 suite/place of safety if you can investigate whether they have procedures for people who were pepper sprayed prior to s.136 by police.

Do staff know what to look out for during detention awaiting assessment? and are they aware that pepper spray covered clothing needs to be removed?

I only ask this as I nearly died in a.136 after the pepper spray after being left for hours in need of medical attention as I could not breathe due to reaction to the pepper spray I believe the assumption in s.136 was attention seeking. My local s.136 have no procedures as assumption that police have delt with it - but police also assume it’s all okay after 20 minutes or so - even though their guidance on persons detained in cells at the police station is get the person to hospital if breathing problems occur.