Responsiblity for translation of tribunal reports into foreign languages

If a patient is unable to read English, who is responsible for obtaining a translation of the RC’s report into a language that the patient understands? Is it the Trust or the tribunal service?

I was asked this question recently and do not know the answer. I have to admit that in the past I’ve just read through reports via interpreters rather than obtaining translations.

In my opinion is the Trust. The RC prepares a report who is going to be shared with the patient via solicitors (usually). The RC has the duty to make available a report that everybody understands; therefore, if the patient needs a translation in order to understand it, it should be the RC responsibility to put proper measures for this report to be translated.


I agree with Antonino, the Trust have a responsibility to provide the patient with a report that they can read and retain. That responsibility does not fall to the Tribunal Service. The TS are responsible for providing the interpreter for the hearing.

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