Request from patient's solicitor for Tribunal


We have patient in secure service under section 37 ( notional). The solicitor representing patient in upcoming FTT has asked for reports like HCR-20,risk assessments and psychology reports for preparation for Tribunal. This additional to all statutory reports done by the team.

My question to you all is can we refuse it as we feel it is inappropriate request from the solicitor especially our reports have mentioned about risk assessment and psychology .

Or just take the 90 seconds it’ll take you to attach the reports according tbe the very reasonable request and send them to the solicitor and stop being difficult.

The alternative is that the solicitor could make a DSAR and ask you for everything, so count yourself lucky.

Not sure what response you’re expecting given the audience you’re asking the question to.


What a bizarre question. 99% of MH lawyers are reasonable and relaxed and very few make requests just for the sake of it.

This is the sort of obstructive behaviour I thought had passed many years ago but sadly it appears not.


Why would you want to refuse the reports?


Very surprising you haven’t come across this yet. It’s standard disclosure for all forensic patients.

Certainly not inappropriate - as you say they’re risk formulations. Tribunals base their decisions on risk, the relevance is obvious.

Not only is that a reasonable and standard request, but if your statutory reports refer to ‘risk assessments’ and ‘psychology’ all the more reason for the solicitor to want to see those documents.

Morning, we submit these reports as standard now, I don’t think refusal can be made and it may just delay the process for the patient as the Tribunal could adjourn and then request them anyway.

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