Refusing to complete and share Needs assessments at discharge planning

In middle of attempted discharge from psychiatric hospital as previously detailed.

  • Discharge coordinator refuses to share nursing/ward/needs assessments and therefore can’t establish what my mothers needs are.
  • Also refuses to consider social needs of immediate family when deciding where to discharge patient to, even though 6 or more meetings have taken place and family have supplied detailed home context info for CPA review as requested.
  • Doing process in reverse with blanket policy of 4 visits a day (21 hours a week) dom package. says this is all that’s available.
  • Won’t allow split care in two house, no matter what.
  • Refuses to allow installation of stair lifts, disabled bathroom using patients money as claims not needed (or in BI).
  • Declared patient to lack capacity in all areas until challenged for second test which now says has fluctuated back to capcity (just for care) but used second test as opportunity to ask leading question claiming patient wants to go back home to one house only even though this is untrue.

In deadlock now. Anybody come across similar experience.

Concerning & contrary to what good practice requires for your relatives discharge & aftercare.

If you would like to have a direct conversation to discuss further please let me know. Happy to do so.
Best wishes.
Robert Nisbet

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