Person was moved into HMO with mental illness

Hi I need some help. Last October. A lady was moved into our HMO. House share. No issues but 2 months into her stay. We found out she’s a cormordal schizophrenic. I’ve seen documentation stating so should we of been told the nature of her illness.? Before moving her in. Like we’ve been to hell and back with her. Since last October she’s been sectioned 3 times I personally have been stalked by her. We’ve seen extreme jealousy extreme rage. Extreme. Everything. We’ve gone from a nice easy going house share to. Nobody’s allowed speak. Nobody’s getting on everyone’s locking themselves in there rooms. To avoid her. Her new trick is to put food on the cooker and go and jump back into bed. And forget she’s put it on. We’re having to. Put the burnt food out. Fire alarms going off were having to ring ambulances for her. Each time she’s needing help. She’s basically been dumped here for us to take care of her I’d spoke with her social workers over her eating raw pork. Was nothing short of caniblism And asked them for help with her. There not interested. Asked for a contact number if we can’t cope with her. And I got told were not an out of hours service. She’s currently sectioned now but expecting her back in the coming weeks. For it all to start over again. We’re struggling to cope with it. Can anything be done to stop her coming back to the house. Other than make myself homeless I’ve personally rang social services for help with her. There not interested. Like I ring Friday. For help with her they turned up Wednesday afternoon. Playing the dumb card. Please has anybody got advice ?

I hope someone qualified can give you some guidance on this but, from a practical perspective, are there any risk assessments/terms of reference associated with living in the shared accommodation? I find that if you can put a risk assessment in front of someone and point to it being breached (particularly around fire hazard) and someone (or lots of people) being put at risk that will usually get attention. I appreciate that it shouldn’t have to be your responsibility but if you can also keep a record of times and dates that you try to get the matter resolved and are able to refer to an audit trail (and let authorities know you have it), and ask for the names of everyone you speak to, you might get taken more seriously. The individual could be missing out on the support they need.

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Hi, I would have thought that if she was being sectioned so frequently she would be under a community mental health team. Have you tried contacting them and expressing your concerns? Also, have you and others in the house approached the landlord to raise safety concerns?

I’ve spoke with social services I’ve rung em for help. Numerous times. They simply don’t care. She’s now our problem Last time rung Friday. They turn up the following Wednesday. I’m at my whits end. With it. It’s effecting my mental health to the point I’m filing a complaint with the police the HMO authority and speaking to a solicitor they can’t be let away with moving mental health patiens in with regular people and not expect to have a dramatic effect on there lives. she’s a cormordal schizophrenic

Hi, if she has been detained a number of times since moving in, she may be under mental health services. Again, I would suggest you contact them with your concerns, that might be more appropriate than social services. I appreciate the impact this is having on your mental health, such behaviour must be causing a lot of stress. She may have been supported by a mental health worker to access the accommodation not social services which is why I have suggested contacting that service. I hope this gets resolved soon for you soon, take care of yourself.