Open justice. House of Commons Justice Committee, 'Open justice: Court reporting in the digital age' (HC 339, 1/11/22)

— "We launched this inquiry in September 2021 to consider two open justice issues. The first was how the changing nature of the media was affecting court reporting. The second was how the court reform programme was affecting the public and the media’s ability to access information on court proceedings. The unifying theme between the two issues is the increasing digitisation of both the courts and the media and the implications of this for the public’s ability to access information on court proceedings. The evidence submitted to this inquiry has suggested that open justice in England and Wales is facing an important turning point in its history. This jurisdiction has a tradition of open justice dating back centuries. However, the advent of the digital age has profoundly changed how information on court proceedings is accessed and communicated. Digitisation of the courts and the media presents opportunities and risks for open justice and raises fundamental questions over the correct balance between transparency and justice."
Full details available at:,_%27Open_justice:_Court_reporting_in_the_digital_age%27_(HC_339,_1/11/22)?id=221122-1452