Open justice consultation response. Julian Hendy, 'Open Justice consultation - response from the Hundred Families charity' (22/8/23)

— "Our submission covers our understanding of open justice, some serious problems in the application of open justice where the offender is mentally disordered – particularly in diminished responsibility cases and at First Tier Tribunals (mental health). We say that despite clear guidance on the need for open justice in such cases there is a lack of sufficient openness or accountability in the Criminal Justice System for our families, or the wider public. We say without such transparency our families, and the wider public, cannot be assured the current system is impartial, competent, or just. There is urgent need for reform."
Full details available at:,_%27Open_Justice_consultation_-_response_from_the_Hundred_Families_charity%27_(22/8/23)?id=160923-2224