Old MHAC MHA guides - have they been updated?

Dear wise ones,

The MHAC (predecessor to the CQC for the youngsters out there) used to have a series of guides relating to areas of the MHA. They were really useful and I’d like to find out if the guidance on consent to treatment was updated after the 2008 version that I’ve got and if so, whether I can have a copy…

I can’t find anything on the website, but that may simply be my luddite tendencies.



Hi Helen - your best hope is that Mat Kinton is a subscriber to this site, as if any one knows if they have been updated then he is the person who will know.

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Dear Helen
I was recently appointed as one of 4 Lead SOADs for England, in addition to the principal SOAD. I know that the CQC produces occasional guidance, including for example a 2020 brief guide on competence and capacity for the under 18s, but I’m not aware of updating of previous MHAC guidance. Having taken on responsibility for the s61 scrutiny function, I am in the process of preparing guidance notes for ACs on this issue. I haven’t communicated with Mat K for a number of years and I’m not sure where he is.

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As above, Mat will no doubt confirm, but I thought that the guides for organisations outside the CQC were all withdrawn.

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Such a pity, they were well written!

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I think I have copies of all the guidance documents as re-issued by the CQC soon after its formation. They’re listed on the Mental Health Act Commission page. I’ve uploaded three of them to the website just now, as they seem potentially relevant to your question. One was updated in September 2009.

Thanks Jonathan, I have a couple more of the guides saved if you’d like them for the archive?

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