Old Forms

If an old version of an A8 & A6 is used, completed on the 11/12/2020, new forms should be used as from 01/12/2020, are the papers still valid.

Dear Heatherhewitt,

“The amendment to the 2008 regulations includes minor changes to the statutory forms. These comprise of an addition of a field in which the author’s email address can be entered and, where relevant, an option to indicate that the form has been served electronically. There will be a grace period of 2 months starting 1 December 2020, during which the old versions of the statutory forms can be used when submitting in hard copy, but not when communicating electronically. After 1 February 2021 the new forms should be used in all cases.” DHSC, ‘Electronic communication of statutory forms under the Mental Health Act’ (updated 13/1/21)

I have experienced a situation where a medical recommendation was completed on an old form after a two month grace period, and as a result that section became invalid. Additionally, in the event of a patient transfer, the receiving hospital will be unwilling to accept the transfer due to outdated documentation.

Hope this helps!

Thank you yes it does, they are within the 2 month grace period, thankfully

The absence of an e-mail address is not going to persuade a court that the application is unlawful. It’s a very minor issue.