Obtaining recording of tribunal hearing?

Is there a way to obtain the recording of a tribunal hearing that took place over the web e.g. similar to facetime etc?

I had a look on the government website - they have an application for an audio transcription. But, the hearing wasn’t in an addressed court. The patient was in the hospital whilst all the other parties were in their own separate locations.

Any information/guidance on this one?

Tribunal hearings aren’t video-recorded, so you wouldn’t be able to obtain this. They are as you note commencing audio recording though.

Audio recording of on-line tribunals commenced on 15 January 2024. At present, there are no audio recording of in-person hearings. There is a Presidential guidance note on the judiciary website - link below.

Practice Guidance: Recording of hearings in the HESC and transcription of recordings (Presidential guidance note no 3 of 2003, 14/12/23)

In Scotland a digital audio recording of the hearing can be requested for any reason by any party or their legal representative. This applies for telephone, online and in-person hearings. The digital file is usually posted on a flash (thumb) drive. Recordings are kept for 1 year from date of hearing. The request is made to the Head Office of the Mental Health Tribunals Scotland, in Hamilton. This service has been available since 2014 to my knowledge, probably earlier.

I’ve seen videos where NHS doctors have had online meetings then posted it on a social media platform.

I’m wondering as this hearing was online using webcams etc too it would be screen video recorded and kept on a databank within the establishment?

I’m considering filling out the audio transcription form, but I do not know the court name as it was done in a hospital - any ideas what can be done here too?