No hospital name on AMHP application for s.2


Having a bit of a dilemma. So AMHP has added the correct name of the Trust, name of the admitting ward and full postal address of the hospital of where the patient was received but omitted the name of the hospital on their application. Do I declare it fundamentally defective or allow the AMHP to add the name of the hospital.

I am aware the application, must be addressed to a specific hospital or unit…

Thoughts please.

Please allow the AMPH add Hospital name.


Given that they have put the ward and the full postal address, I would allow the amendment under Section 15.



I had one where I put hospital details but AMPH said I need to put the Trust details etc.But ward manager accepted the paper work.Our Mental health Law admin said no need for full address just mention name of the hospital.There is no universal/consistent approach.

From what you describe, it seems clear which hospital the application was supposed to be made out to, so a court is highly unlikely to make a ruling of unlawfulness.
Out of interest, what would “declaring it fundamentally defective” mean?