News story about Legal Aid forms. Legal Aid Agency, 'Civil news: immigration and mental health work forms updated' (1/9/23)

— The LAA published three PDFs of Form CW1&2MH recently: (1) 3/8/13 to 13/8/23 inclusive (the original v18); (2) 14/8/23 to 31/8/21 inclusive (v19 but still saying v18 on the form); (3) 1/9/23 onwards (v19). In relation to using the previous forms the LAA say: "We would like you to download the current forms. But we are still accepting the versions published on 3 August. Providers should complete the case details and merits section, as appropriate, for under 18s before making payment submissions." The news story sets out the changes between the original v18 and v19.
Full details available at:,_%27Civil_news:_immigration_and_mental_health_work_forms_updated%27_(1/9/23)?id=030923-2258