New Procedures with Pre-Hearing Examinations

I made an application for a PHE to take place on a different day to the Tribunal which was initially refused and the granted on renewal. In the decision it is stated;
"This decision is consistent with the tribunal service’s intention to shortly move to a different way of listing cases with PHEs in the next few days (full details will be announced and published) with reversion to the previous practice of listing two cases per day (unless a case has a time estimate of longer than half a day) with the medical member making arrangements direct with hospitals in advance of the hearing in relation to any PHE arrangements by video link. Parties should be aware that the tribunal service may contact the parties to ascertain whether the start time could be moved to either 10.30am or 2.15pm but, for the time being parties should continue to work on the basis of an 11.00am start.
So watch this space!


Interesting! Thanks Tammy-personally I think all cases should be listed for a full day anyway. They inevitably now take a couple of hours and I frequently see the Panel looking at their watches when they have another hearing.

Yes, I see that too. But they are never going to routinely list cases for a full day.