New CW1 Interpretation

On the new CW1 form, page 11, there are separate boxes for the type of matter you are opening - either means tested or non means tested. I wonder about 3rd box cases - (non means tested non MHT).

If you sign up your client and they do not instruct you to appeal immediately, but you are confident they will appeal in the near future, I understand you should obtain a signature on the means tested part. However if you later receive instructions to appeal and you change your matter from 3rd box to 1st box - do you need to obtain clients signature again under the non-means tested signature part? Or is it sufficient that they initially signed the means tested box.

Hope this makes sense - any help is appreciated

Further details about the third box on the form’s second page are on MHLO’s Means testing page, but if the case starts as a “Non Means Tested Non MHT” case then the “For non means tested matters” part of page 11 would be relevant, and in the example above it would be non-means tested all along. But in general I think for a matter that starts off as means-tested (second box) you might as well get the client to sign both the “For means tested matters” and the “For non means tested matters” parts on day one, just in case. Likely whoever redrafted the form didn’t realise or remember that mental health matters can change like this.