Nearest Relative information leaflets in other languages

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any links or resources for information leaflets for nearest relatives regarding their rights in different languages?


Mental Health Act rights materials now available in eight languages other than English – BC Mental Health Rights

Thank you. That looks like an interesting project, but seems to be about the law in British Columbia, Canada.

There are a couple of leaflets about nearest relatives on the Foreign-language information leaflets page (Czech and Tigrinya) but I’m not aware of any leaflets for nearest relatives.

Thank you for this, I did see the links to information about rights of specific sections and the two regarding nearest relative in Czech and Tigrinya but unfortunately not the language I need.

It just feels like it’s leaving a lot of unmet need for ensuring someone has the information clear for them of their rights etc unfortunately.

Dear Beth.

Some years ago, all MHA forms were translated into different languagesa. This was part of the implementation of the 2007 MHA amendments. I may still have the CD version of these!. The lead Mental Health Trust for this project was Northamptonshire.

I have put some info below.

Let me know how you get on with this! Interested to know if part of my former work life may have made some difference! - or not.

The Mental Health Act (1983) set outs how people in the UK can expect to be treated and what their rights are when they are being assessed and treated with a mental health disorder.

If you need to access this information in alternative languages please visit the East London NHS Foundation Trust website, where they have leaflets in the following languages:

If you require this information in an alternative leaflet please contact the PALS team here:


Languages A - L

Languages M - Z

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