National DOL Court for under 18s

very concerning how the MHA/DOLS can be used to authorise completely inappropriate placements for young people especially. you may find interesting Launch of National Deprivation of Liberty (DoLs) Court at the Royal Courts of Justice - From 4 July 2022, all new applications seeking these orders will be issued in the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ).

Not my area of expertise but i found these interesting reads:

Deprivation of Liberty and Young People - Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

  1. Deprivation of liberty: Legal reflections and mechanisms. Briefing - Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (

  2. What do we know about children and young people deprived of their liberty in England and Wales? An evidence review - Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (

  3. Deprivation of liberty: A review of published judgments - Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (

Yes that research linked with the decision for new applications re young people to be initiated in the RCJ posted above