Multiple Deficiency in Support Provision

I am an Advocate (Barrister) Practising in Scotland.

By a slightly circuitous route, I have been approached by a person from the North East of London who has a multiplicity of problems - along with other people in a Group she represents - with the Authorities providing services to persons with Mental Health and Mental Capacity issues, some children and others Adults. Happy as I am to assist, the differences in provision between Scotland and England in relation to Health, Community Care, and SEN Education meant that I am really not able to provide a proper quality of advice, even if I am prepared to assist pro bono as far as I can.

The information I have suggests that most of the people concerned are ethnic minority, primarily Muslim. This raises issues of Racial and Sex Discrimination allied to the failure to shape services or provide persons who can speak to people in their native language. Is there any Public Interest Firm or Law Centre who might be able at least to speak to the Group leader?

I should say in my discussion, I indicated that the best way forward might be targeted challenges of specific deficient provision, and I suppose possibly a Group Action. However, I have little knowledge of what might be available in the London area and particularly North East London. Does anyone know whether there is an organisation which might be worth approaching? I am happy to make an introduction and briefing if that will assist.

Thanks for reading anyway.
David W Cobb