Missing date on AMHP application

Final date missing from AMHP application but obvious from the rest of the application as to when it was completed. Is this ‘De minimus?’

Yes, but would need amending or evidence to confirm the date the application was made (to confirm no more than 14 days between examination and completion of application).


As the AMHP has signed the application, my view would be this is a rectifiable error and the application can be made valid if corrected within 14 days, if it was clear from the application the patient was assessed by the AMHP, and both medical recommendations are dated within 5 clear days of each other, and 14 days have not passed before the application was made (albeit missing the date signed). It should be the same AMHP (not a new AMHP) who would need to sign again and record the rectifiable date alongside the date they made the application to the hospital, then it is down to the Hospital Manager’s to accept this application with the rectified information.