Minimum number of representations at Tribunal hearings for re-accreditation

I was wondering if anyone was aware of the minimum number of Tribunal hearings you need to attend over the 3-year period in order to be eligible for re-accreditation?

I have recently qualified as a solicitor and will be splitting my time between Mental Health and another department, so I would like to know what amount of time I need to be affording to Mental Health Tribunals.

I have looked through the Law Society guidance but have not found a definitive answer. I was hoping that someone may have some knowledge or experience of this that they can kindly share?

Thank you in advance.

You are right that there is currently no published minimum number of tribunals. I don’t think they have an unpublished number either.

The closest equivalent in the guidance is: “Applicants to the Mental Health Accreditation scheme are expected to have undertaken a substantial amount of mental health casework for a period at least six months within the 12 months preceding the application to the scheme”. The Law Society are currently applying this to re-accreditation too.

Other than that, you just need to “demonstrate your continued competence” via the four ways listed in the guidance.