MHT and victims. Jag Bahra, 'High Court victory for victims' rights and open justice' (Saunders Law, 13/1/23)

— This press release notes that: (1) prior to the decision in Maher v First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) [2023] EWHC 34 (Admin), the Mental Health Tribunal was "perhaps the only Court left that operates entirely in secrecy, such that its decisions are beyond any public scrutiny"; (2) the tribunal has indicated that it intends to update its Practice Guidance to make it clear that victims are in fact entitled to request reasons when a patient is discharged; and (3) the Government has also indicated in a consultation that it supports proposals to allow victims to provide a Victim Personal Statement when a patient is being considered for discharge, which would bring the Tribunal's practice closer into line with the Parole Board.
Full details available at:,_%27High_Court_victory_for_victims%27_rights_and_open_justice%27_(Saunders_Law,_13/1/23)?id=140123-1042