MHA Free Form Project

Hi All

Mike here from the MHA Free Form Project. I hope the forms are proving useful. If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions for future releases please leave them here. The more interest there is in the forms the more motivated I’ll be to keep developing them.

Already planned for the v4 release is more use of toggled strikethroughs rather than toggled deletions of whole paragraphs, and replacement of the some of the more fiddly list boxes embedded in the text to standard drop down boxes.


Hi Mike! These are fab - thanks for doing this for all of us! I’d be interested for Berkshire, please. I’ll be in touch!
Cassie :blush:

Thanks Cassie!

I’ve just finished the v.4 release and have sent over a South-East version for you. Standard release should go up on the site reasonably soon.

As usual all feedback welcome, particularly if you spot any potential bugs.


Apologies, an error has been identified in the v4 H5 form as initially released in that it wasn’t allowing “date on which the section is due to expire” to be in the future (force of habit on my part, didn’t think it through). I have produced an updated version with this problem resolved, that H5 form is marked v.4.1 in the top right as opposed to the usual v.4. Hopefully Jonathan will be able to add it to the site in the near future.

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Thanks. The updated form H5 is now online:

Form H5: Section 20 - renewal of authority for detention