Mental Health Tribunals for learning disability and/or autism

I am aware the MHT have a special panel for children’s cases but given the continued issues for people detained with learning disability and/or autism (latest CQC report) do they have one for LD/autism cases? If not should they?

They don’t, and it’s a real shame because sometimes their lack of understanding is appalling. I have always found panels can be very unwilling to look beyond problem behaviours on the unit to try to determine their cause, which can often be the detention itself!

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I wonder if a mini campaign to ask for the creation of a specialist panel would be of use? It may take a while but the Transforming care agenda is taking so long to achieve results and the level of concern about detention in hospital for people with learning disability and autism is escalating (for good reason) that this may be a small lever for long term change.


A specialist panel would certainly help. Hospitals or secure units cause more problems than they solve.