Magic Book: Only one NHS mental hospital left in Surrey

The information on this site about the Abraham Cowley Unit on St Peer’s Hospital site in Chertsey Surrey, is out of date. The ACU has been closed and when the patients on Spenser Ward for over 65 women with functional mental disorder, are moved to a unit built on the St Peter’s Hospital campus, the ACU building will be knocked down and in the next few years will be rebuilt.
The only NHS mental hospital left in Surrey is Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford, Surrey. All other inpatient mental hospital care is provided by independent hospitals funded by the NHS.

Thanks for this information. Anyone can edit the Magic Book pages. Would you be willing to update the Abraham Cowley Unit page? And maybe add pages for the other hospitals?

It’s a temporary closure while a new building is built.

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Jonathan - the only update is what Adam Marley has said - the ACU is closed and will be rebuilt.
If there is a page for Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford, this needs updating as it has taken over the Section 236 and Home Treatment Team services from the ACU and of course will have the only NHS Tribunal Room in Surrey. Other services have also been moved - Matrix Advocacy, Psychiatric Liaison Team now based in the St Peter’s Hospital campus.

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I’ve belatedly added a note to the Abraham Cowley Unit page:

“All the wards at the Abraham Cowley Unit (ACU) will need to close temporarily in early 2022 to allow us to build the new hospital.” - see SABP NHSFT website

There is a page for Farnham Road Hospital but not the other places you mention. Would you be willing to edit/add the relevant pages?