Looking for a MH Lawyer - s2 in Surrey

I am looking for a mental health lawyer. My daughter is currently in a secure unit under Section 2. I feel that I need legal advice and guidance. Can anyone point me in the right direction? We are in Surrey. Thank you

London based but good

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The trust Mental Health Act Law administrator must give the list of solicitors who deal with mental health act appeals etc.

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Thank you so much.

Burke niazi are the best

I have come across them in a professional and legal capacity

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Your daughter should be supplied with a list of Mental Health Accredited Solicitors, there should also be Advocacy services on the ward to assist her.

If you are identified as the Nearest Relative you have rights under the Mental Health Act, though somewhat limited on a section 2. The solicitor your daughter chooses should advise her on the Nearest Relative powers, or you could seek your own advice.

Thank you, that’s really useful. Not easy to get information as the hospital aren’t really communicating with me

I empathise with the scenario of poor communication from hospitals. I was contacted by CQC last week and assured that MH secure hospitals do have a responsibility to support family communication and relationships - particularly when in my case [quote] “you have demonstrated commitment to staying involved in your son’s life and wanting to sustain the family relationship.”

I was in a similar position at court when my son was unrepresented after an absconsion. The judge was very kind, not expecting us to know the system, and rescheduled while we found a lawyer. I actually couldn’t use Richard Okolo at Burke Niazi (due to him being involved in my son’s MH tribunal) but he put me in a good direction to find another solicitor (who I don’t recommend as much)

Thank you for your response. That is also very interesting. I am trying to remain as involved as I can with my daughter, but since she has been in the unit, information has been less than forthcoming. I am hoping to visit on Friday and will take all of the excellent advice given here with me. And see what will happen.

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