Location of the offence in R v Weekes [1999] EWCA Crim 1225

Does anyone where the original offence in this case took place?

In the early hours of Sunday 7th December 1997, following an earlier encounter between them, an hour or two before, the appellant used violence to a man called Anthony Gray which caused his death


Can’t find it in any press report.

Did some digging and didn’t come up with much … can only assume it’s London based on the original trial being at the Central Criminal Court.


I guess London too. It mentions Dr (Tunde?) Akinkunmi, who I’m sure was an NHS consultant psychiatrist in London in the 2000s.

The 18/2/99 judgment mentions that a defence consultant psychiatrist was Dr AJ Wilkins.

I knew of an expert witness, Dr Akintunde Akinkunmi who was working at the Cygnet hospital in Stevenage in 2008.

You’re a step further forward then! If it’s important to your research, you could contact him and see whether he remembers.