Location of old case - Walters v Chichester Health Authority, 26 April 1999

I have been trying to find the location of the full case of Walters–v-Chichester Health Authority 26 April 1999. I have searched various research platforms and have even spoken with the law society and still unable to locate it. Would anyone be able to assist or make any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for sending the briefing that mentions this case. I’ve added a short summary to the website here: RadcliffesLeBrasseur, ‘Psychiatric Patients and Windows’ (briefing no 16, August 1999).

I contacted Andrew Parsons, the solicitor mentioned in the briefing, who gave permission for his reply to be added here:

Sadly I can’t help. It wasn’t my case and although I would have had the source material back in 1999 it’s so long ago I don’t have it now.

Thank you so much for looking!

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