Lay Members on Tribunals

I wonder if anyone could suggest reading or links for somebody preparing to interview with the JAC for the role of lay person on MHT’s in England and Wales.
Chris Pitt.

I’m sorry to see that nobody has replied to you yet! I guess you have found useful material through your other researches, and wonder if you would be willing to share some here. Thanks in advance.

Hi there Christopher. Many apologies as this reply is a bit late- given your request was in late Dec’ but in
case these are useful the link to the Mental Health Practice Direction which set out the headings for reports. And the Judicial Skills and Abilities which are used for all Tribunal members
Practice Direction
Judicial skills and abilities
I hope these links work. There is also a ( slightly out of date now) report by CQC and Administrative Justice & Tribunals Council dated March 2011 titled ‘Patient’s experiences of the First-Tier Tribunal (Mental Health)’.
Royal College of Psychiatry has some helpful info there including a leaflet for CAMHS patients.RCP guide to MHTs
I would suggest reading the Practice Direction and preparing by thinking about what sort of questions you might have for the authors of reports.
The SpLM role includes teasing out the relevant information on likely discharge plans, risks of discharge etc and process so section 117 is also likely to be relevant.
Good luck if its not too late!

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