Lawfulness of back-to-back CTO recalls

If a patient is recall, but they can’t get an AMHP out in time to complete the revoke, When the 72hrs is up the authority holding the CTO transfers to the authority to the hospital they are at and the RC there, immediately completes another recall, one minute after the 72hrs was up.
Is this ethical and legal to do this, any views would be appreciated.

Can anyone clarify is it lawful to complete two recalls back to back, as couldn’t get an AMHP out in time for the revoke
Many thanks

It may be ethical (given the invidious position the second doctor was put in) but I’d be surprised if it were lawful.

As far as I know it’s never been decided by a court, so there’s no definitive answer.

But I’d have thought it’s strongly arguable that issuing a second recall basically just to evade the time limits in the Act would be using the power for an improper purpose and therefore unlawful. (Conceivably it might be different if the patient’s condition had, say, suddenly deteriorated at the end of the first recall period). But there are also arguments the other way. There was an interestimg discussion on here about an analogous case about section 5 a while ago:

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Thank you think i’ll pass to our legal dept

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This certainly not legal but is increasingly happening in our broken mental health system as risk situations cannot be left to just happen because the law doesn’t allow for them in some extreme cases. In the local inpatient hospital where I was working until July this year, some time last year a young 14 year-old girl was held illegally for three days in the s.136 suite bed because she was found undetainable by myself and two s.12 doctors but the parents refused to collect her or let her return home and the LA Children’s Social Care Team refused to look for foster care!

Thank you, its gone to our legal dept for clarification