Independent Psychiatrist

I am in the Manchester area and I am seeking suggestions for someone who may be able to do an independent medical report for Tribunal purposes. My client has ASD and is also diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (which they dispute).

Thank you

Hello Louise, l was pleased to see your post. I am also seeking an expert psychiatrist for a non diagnosed personality disorder for a S3 discharge. Hopefully we will have some success on the forum in finding an expert for the Tribunal. Please can anyone advise and help us ?
Details upon request

I am Forensic Psychiatrist and Cardiff University-Bond Solon Criminal Expert Witness since 2021. Though, I am based in Wales and I do reports mainly for Crown and Magistrate courts.
On the other hand, I am surprise that you have not found a local Psychiatrist that can do independent reports for Tribunals, and I have never seen that a Tribunal (Civil) request a report from an independent Psychiatrist. If you google Psychiatry Expert Witness, you can find some webpages who offer Mental Health Reports from Psychiatrist more locally. Hope this helps. Dr Curatola

Dr Carl Wilson - Crossley Place

Dr Matthew Appleyard - Guild Lodge

Dr Lucy Bacon - Guild Lodge