Independent Neuropsychiatrist

Does anyone know of an independent neuropsychiatrist who will work for LA rates?

Dr Hari Sholingur - Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal

Dr Vishy Ramakrishna - Maple House St Helens

Dr Lakshmanan Ramachandran - Alderley Unit, Cheshire

Dr John Ashcroft - Clatterbridge Hospital, Wirral

Might all be a bit far away from wherever your client is based but all of them are superb, produce good quality reports and are very good with patients

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Did you instruct one of these or find one of you own? I know people like to keep good independent experts to themselves! :slight_smile:

I didn’t need to as the clinical team agreed to refer the client for neuropsychiatric rehab and he has been accepted by Cygnet in Bristol and St Andrews. However client and family are now saying both units are too far away and he is refusing to go. This has opened a can of worms as the clinical team are considering transfer without consent of patient and family. (Having originally strongly argued that he didn’t need specialist treatment.) So a classic example of being careful what you wish for…

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