Inadequate tribunal rooms

I have a feeling that there was a dedicated email to complain about this. Does anyone know?

You’re probably thinking of the final paragraphs of Mental Health Tribunal, ‘Minimum security requirements and amenities for tribunal hearing rooms in hospitals’ (June 2022):


  1. Any concerns from trusts, hospitals, staff members, representatives, patients and other stakeholders, including tribunal members about the video hearing service in a particular hospital or trust should be reported to the Deputy Chamber President’s office by email (in confidence if required) to: specifying:
  • Name of hospital
  • Date of hearing
  • Whether concern is about safety and security or amenities. If about safety and security, please give details even if no actual incident took place but you consider there was a “near-miss”
  • Details of the problem
  • Whether the problem was resolved
  • Whether the hearing proceeded
  • Suggestions for resolving any outstanding issues
  1. If there is a specific incident where persons or panel members feel at risk this should be reported to as soon as possible.

  2. Any concerns raised will be addressed directly with the Mental Health Act Administrator and, if unresolved, will be escalated to the CEO.