How/who amends s135(1) warrant

Dear Colleagues,

AMHP service has been issued a s135 warrant however on receiving it was identified that there was a typo on the address- road name “Pinata insteat of Pinnata”: hse no and post code is correct
Is this a significant error? If so,
How do we resolve this?

In my view this is a de minimis error i.e. not significant and ought to be disregarded and the warrant stands. Happy to see other views! I would add it’s really up to the police if they feel it gives them sufficient authority to execute the warrant and interfere with the person’s privacy (Art. 8 HRA) .

I have spoken to an experienced AMPH and she told me that you can get into trouble even if you have the right person because a Warrant is a legal document and must be precise. The name and address has to be corrected before being actioned. The consequences of believing is a minor mistake and getting the wrong person can cause serious legal implications. Get another correct warrant if the risk permit it. Otherwise, I believe that under the circumstances, and the risk are high, the legal team can oversee the error.

Thank you dear colleagues: will email the clerk to ask for it to be amended.
Will send an advice note if any different info is shared by the clerk/ judge.