How to discover whether an assessment was carried out remotely

At a recent tribunal the Judge asked the RC at the outset whether the Devon ruling affected the detention(Which was a bit odd as MHT could not consider that anyway.) The RC said it didn’t but that got us thinking as to how we would know whether a section/renewal had been done remotely if the client did not tell us. It would not necessarily be recorded on the papers.

Hi Karen
Might it not be in the AMHP report or at least in the hospital electronic records?

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You would hope so but I wonder if it is a requirement.

Good point.
the older versions of the NHSE & DHSC guidance ( e.g. version 3) do have details of what should be considered prior to remote assessments ( obviously pre Devon case)…
There is a final checklist which asks 'has your Trust or Local Authority put in place arrangements for the use of video MHAs to be recorded and reported to the MHA trust governance leads, DASS and CQC"
Totally understand that does not read as a ‘requirement’ but I would have thought if anyone asked, the information should be available somewhere…
The rest of the checklist requires the professionals to record ( not audio record but write) their rationale.
Best i can see but appreciate its not answering your question really Karen

Thank you Christine-that is helpful.

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