How far in advance of CTO expiry can I renew it?

Please advise as to how far in advance a CTO can be renewed. E.g. if CTO expires in June 2021, can it be renewed a month or six weeks in advance?
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Up to 2 months in advance of expiry date

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@mahqs the CTO can be renewed within two months of it expiring (s20A(4) MHA 1983).

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See section 20A(4)

(4) Within the period of two months ending on the day on which the order would cease to be in force in default of an extension under this section, it shall be the duty of the responsible clinician—

(a) to examine the patient; and
(b) if it appears to him that the conditions set out in subsection (6) below are satisfied and if a statement under subsection (8) below is made, to furnish to the managers of the responsible hospital a report to that effect in the prescribed form.
So if expires 4th April, between 5th Feb and 4th April. This is the same as for sec 3. Regards Ronnie
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